3 Proven Types of Marketing Videos for Businesses


Ignoring videos in marketing is no longer an option for businesses nowadays, else they risk being left in the dust. But not only is it important that you create marketing videos for your business – but they need to be the right types of videos.

While there are lots of options that you could look into, a good place to start is with some of the types of marketing videos that have been proven to work. In particular, you should focus on:

  • Explainer videos

Currently the most popular type of explainer videos are short, animated videos that use quirky and entertaining visuals to explain a product or service. However in a broader sense explainer videos have numerous benefits, and encompass any and all videos that explain a topic of any kind.

For businesses the best way to use explainer videos is as a way to explain how their products or services could benefit viewers in a simple and interesting manner. Whether you use animation or not is up to you – though the effectiveness of animated explainer videos can’t be denied.

  • Brand culture videos

As customers increasingly favor brands that they identify strongly with, businesses have started to find that brand culture videos are more important than ever. While these videos come in numerous shapes and sizes, their goal should be to communicate what the business is about, its goals, vision, core values, and what makes it unique.

Some of the more formal types of brand culture videos are structured as explainer videos, but there are lots of other types of brand videos that may be more interesting to viewers such as workplace tours, behind-the-scenes peeks, or employee interviews.

  • Instructional how-to video guides

Although this type of video is not generally meant for directly marketing products or services, it is a very powerful type of marketing video nonetheless. The video itself should be geared around teaching viewers something new – whether it is how to perform a certain action, or how to solve a problem they may be facing.

As far as the marketing aspect is concerned, the product or service should be positioned as part of the solution. In that way viewers will be able to ‘see’ how it can benefit them, despite it never being overtly promoted in any way.

Not only are these three types of marketing videos proven to be effective, but they are also very versatile. Each one will help you to market your business from a different angle and using a slightly different approach.

It should be noted that you should explore alternative ways of creating the types of videos listed above as well. Aside from conventionally recording video footage, you could use animation, create whiteboard videos, or even learn how to make a slideshow with music.

At the end of the day your goal should be to create videos that are engaging, and will have a big impact on viewers. Based on the three types of videos listed above, you should already be able to come up with several ideas for your business.

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