3 Of The Top Reasons Why People Read Blogs


As a form of marketing and a way of introducing consumers to specific topics, products, and/or services, blogs can be extremely effective. However, instead of writing a blog and simply hoping your audience can find it, why not subscribe to an online business directory and have it posted there to attract more attention and potentially gain new customers? Interested? Click to find out more.

If you’re considering adding a blog to your website and sharing it with an online business directory, understanding the main reasons why people choose to read them, can help you write more engaging, topical and insightful content:

1. They want to learn something

Every single day, people are going online and asking the search engines for the answers to questions, or to find out how to do something. Simple to follow guides and how-to’s, prove extremely popular, and even when a post doesn’t contain specific instructions on how to do something, if it’s covering topical issues, trends, studies and things the average person is less familiar with, it’s almost guaranteed to make the reader curious and want to continue finding out new things.

Additionally, by writing informative blog content that enables readers to learn something they may not already have known, you get a chance to show off your research abilities and knowledge in the topic.

2. They want to be entertained

Knowledge is almost certainly something most consumers desire when reading a blog, but equally, is the desire to be entertained. Whether they want to read something scandalous, fascinating, unbelievable, or hilarious, anything that gives them an excuse to laugh or be intrigued, and escape the mundaneness of everyday life, often gets their vote. That said, if you’re writing a business blog, is it possible or appropriate to entertain your readers as a professional business owner?

Provided your blogs are related in some way to your particular industry or niche, there are still a good number of ways to inject a bit of fun and entertainment into your content, you just need to be creative. And if creativity isn’t your thing, simply outsource your blog requirements and have them posted on bizify blogs.

3. They want to learn about industry trends

Whatever industry you’re involved in, there are always new things happening and new trends appearing, and by introducing them to your readers and helping them understand such recent developments and news, you can keep your content fresh and appealing. Not only that, but if you consistently keep readers updated on news and happenings from within your industry, you’ll gradually start to be seen as the go-to place for all industry insights and news, and along with this reputation, could come a lot more hits to your website, and many more conversions.

There will always be topics and news that can entertain and educate readers within any industry, and the construction industry is no different. Carry out plenty of research and look around you as you go about your business to see what inspires you, and which may therefore, inspire readers of your blog posts. By regularly posting a positive mixture of informative, amusing, enlightening and on-trend posts, you can attract a wider audience to your blog, and ideally, a wider range of consumers ready to shop with you! Whatever you do, make sure your blog is reaching your target audience, and the best way to do this, is by cross posting it on business directory sites, where it’s most likely to be seen by the right type of consumer.


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