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Know the Tactics of Your Home Loan Balance Transfer

Considering the escalated demand for affordable housing options, multiple NBFCs offer home loans that come with a hefty credit amount and extended tenor. These advances come with the reassurance of repayment via liquidation of the mortgaged asset in case of defaults. Following this, lenders charge a lower rate of interest that leads to the reduced total cost of the loan.

However, considering that these credits are long term ones, borrowers can always opt for transfers to financial institutions that offer a further reduced interest rate. It ensures further affordability of the advance. However, it is essential that one takes into consideration the multiple aspects of the new lender and ensure that this new financial deal will not add on to their financial burden. In an attempt to ensure this, reputed NBFCs offer home loan transfer calculator that helps one have an estimate of the additional charges, rate of interest and the total cost of credit involved.

Before you transfer your outstanding balance, let’s first understand what balance transfer is.

The balance transfer facility allows you to carry forward your outstanding loan amount to another lender offering credits at a lower-interest rate. Home loan transfer makes your EMIs affordable and reduces the financial burden. Your lender may also give you an option to extend the loan tenor if you have financial stability and a regular source of income.

Some benefits of a home loan transfer are given below. Borrowers can

  • Get to enjoy an advance at a low-interest rate.
  • Avail a top-up loan on your existing home loan.
  • Avail a loan without any pre-payment and foreclosure charges.
  • Make such transfers online.
  • Get to enjoy affordable EMIs.

What are the tactics to avail a home loan balance transfer?

Step 1:

Compare your existing lender with multiple other NBFCs based on the interest rate and additional charges. Ask your preferred lender to provide you with different financial quotations. Also, before you plan for a balance transfer, know the MCLR  to calculate the interest rate.

Step 2:

Check whether you can qualify for a balance transfer or a home loan with the eligibility calculator provided by your new lender.

Step 3:

Send a letter to your existing lender stating your will of a balance transfer. After approving your request, the lender will issue a no-objection certificate, property documents, letter of content, foreclosure letter and other essential documents that you have to furnish to your new lender.

Step 4:

Apply for a housing loan with your new lender. To apply, you will have to fill the application form with your personal, financial and employment details. Submit all the necessary papers like your

  • KYC documents – Aadhaar card, PAN card, driving license, passport, voter ID, etc.
  • Address proof – water bill, gas bill, telephone bill, electricity bill, etc. ;
  • Income proof – bank account statement, income tax report, and salary slips, profit and loss statements, etc.
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Identity proofs

Along with the mentioned papers, you will also have to provide the ownership document of your property and a no-objection certificate from the builder.

Once the lender verifies all your documents and evaluates your financial condition and balance transfer eligibility, your request will be approved. Your new lender will pay off the outstanding amount of your previous lender and will close the loan. Once the home loan takeover is done, your lender will transfer all the required papers to your new lender, thus completing the process.

Several financial institutions and NBFCs provide such loans with a balance transfer facility. Balance transfer facilities also ease your repayment terms and lower your EMI amount. Before you make a balance transfer make sure you inquire about additional charges such as processing fee, late payment charges, etc. You can use the home loan transfer calculator to estimate your loan amount and interest rate.


Commercial Real Estate Investment

When it comes to investment, it has been said that the most profitable investing mechanism is investing in real estate. It is said that investing in real estate gives you a higher amount of wealth or chances to build wealth, in particular, it provides you chances to build higher income streams as well.

But, as we all know that people have been investing in residential real estate such as Riverfront Residences condo to gain profits and higher wealth trusts but no one is looking for options of investing in commercial estate investment. Hence, these investments give you more income as compared to residential investment.

As in Singapore Condo, people around the world are investing more and more there as it will give them the edge to have profits gained back after some time passes as it is the most prominent investment strategy when it comes to real estate which is to buy and sell out later.

In Singapore condo, there are several commercial real estate options to look for. Such as offices, retails, industrial, multi-family and special purpose condos. But, how can someone invest in such big thing without having prior information about commercial investment strategies? The answer is what you can find here.


The answer is simple yet complicated in many manners, which is due diligence. It does not matter what profession you have, all you have to do is proper homework before investing in commercial real estate so that it will not be an outcome of devastation but comes to you like happiness and prosperity. How to do it? Well, here you go!

  1. Commercial Real Estate is Different

Yes, you read that right. As we are talking about Singapore condos, we have to understand that when it comes to commercial investment, it is different from residential investment. As we have compared commercial and residential estates, we should know that the commercial real estate lease lasts longer than the residential lease. But, if you have been investing it in the wrong place, it will last longer than you think.

The most important factor when it comes to commercial estate is the location. You should invest in such a place where it catches the mind and the eye of the audience. Hence if you do not, sorry! You are lost, my friend.

  1. Comparable Analysis

As we are talking about investment, investment is not only about the present. It is also about future therefore, the comparable analysis gives you the edge to know about your future developments regarding commercial real estate investment. It includes the size, style and location characteristics that have to be “changed” in terms of investment strategies as it will not bound the people to have come look in what you have invested.

In terms of Singapore condos, people want to have different changes as they are keen to look stylish, larger in terms of size and have a location that could be helpful for their organization.


Singapore condos are something that has been catching the eye, the mind of the people who want to invest from all around the world. There are several websites that give you information about their recommendations, infrastructure and proper analysis guides that help you in the investment phase of your commercial real estate.


Here is How to Start Investing in Real Estate

If you have been looking to diversify your investments lately, the tried and tested real estate option may just be ideal. With the impending launch of India’s first Real Estate Investment Trust (RIET) and a revival of demand among low and mid-income buyers, the stars seem to be in perfect alignment.

Further, projects like GKRS Palacio spurs the demand for a luxurious lifestyle at not so premium pricing. On the policy level, the introduction of RERA and generous interest rate subsidies, under the aegis of the ambitious Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, are expected to put India on course of making affordable housing for all a reality by 2022.

To get you started in real estate investing, here is a checklist of some key points to consider:

-> Long term perspective

Like the equity market, real estate is also subjected to cycles of growth and decline. It takes its cue from the prevailing economic and political conditions such as inflation, disposable income levels, institutional investment or even regulatory changes. You need a medium to long term investment horizon of a minimum of 5 years to succeed in the real estate market.

-> Research the property

Before you begin searching for your ideal property, you need to develop a keen understanding of market behaviour to identify new market niches where property can be purchased at cheaper rates, such as under construction ones. Follow up on your online research by attending real estate investor forums and property exhibitions to network extensively with both sellers and buyers.

From checking the builder’s history to verifying land title, real estate investing requires a lot of research. You can leverage the data-backed insights provided by several property data analytics firms to determine the future prospects of the property you want to invest in.

Choose accredited developers that hold the latest quality certifications such as ISO 9001. This will put you at ease in terms of construction quality, timely possession and value appreciation.

-> Talk to existing homeowners

There is no substitute to getting first-hand information from existing buyers about a project. Despite the assurances of the developer, you’d need an independent third-party perspective on incidental expenses such as parking and society formation charges, etc.

They can also give you inputs about the number of vacant flats in the project which can help you negotiate the final selling price with the developer.

-> Calculate your finances

Repair and maintenance costs can erode your rental earnings. In the absence of personal funds or business finance, availing a home loan is ideal. RIET’s also offer a good financing alternative for investors.

If a house for sale in Hyderabad has been on your radar for a while and the cost has been a barrier, you can opt for home Loans to meet your diverse home financing requirements. Cities like Hyderabad are poised for a good growth in property prices and you can gain the first mover’s advantage.

You can consider home loan by Bajaj Finserv Homes & Loans to raise funds of up to Rs. 10 crore. It comes with flexible tenor and convenient repay options. Additionally, you can get exclusive benefits, such as property-search assistance, doorstep services, and top-up loans etc, with these home loans.


5 Pointers Highlighting Paradigm Shift In Auto Industry & How Is It Profitable

To excel is to move on and evolve. It is to become a better version than the pre-existing one. This is a universal law and applies just as amicably to all industries and all fields of trade. Speaking of the automotive industry to be distinct, a significant amount of change is being observed being carried in like a tide. Those who realize these shifts have already plunged forward towards a futuristic approach. What exactly are these paradigm shifts? How do we halt and analyze them before they are already here?

The auto industry has always been speculative with intense competitions between automakers to remain at the top of the market. Understanding these shifts give you the leverage to foresee the futuristic demand of automobiles. This is applicable vastly to all kinds of autos. The higher the compatibility of automakers to these demands, the higher the probability of sustaining a strong hold over the profits in the future.

Let’s take a look at the top five paradigm shifts that we believe the auto industry should begin taking into account for all current and future ventures.

  1. Broadening horizons for people of different fields

The framework conditions have drastically changed in this regard. This has brought forth the need to hire more than mere labour or technicians like well-qualified people with a unique set of skills applicable to the shifting paradigms. E-mobility has led to the hiring of software engineers, auto specialists, and IT specialists. Another need has risen for personnel related to supply, innovate, and even invent high tech technology for various causes. For instance, if you’re an Audi Q4 owner, you might opt for purchasing audi insurance australia, for protection against financial loss and further damages and also with changing scenario, there are various flexible options available. The auto industry is adapting to these changes even at executive levels where they understand the need of the hour.

It has become a well-established fact that with the rise of connectivity, software and modern technology, the old conventional set of employees and hiring methods will not remain fruitful anymore in this time and age. Thus the requirement of having highly trained management staff who have a strong educated hold over e-machines, vehicle integrated electronics and software updating is on the rise. Leading automakers including audi insurance australia offer great smart car interfaces and have set up IT hardware development departments for the sole purpose of staying up ahead in the game.

  1. It’s an electronic world now

The E-mobility has become a vital part of anything built to be utilized in this time. For years, the classic old combustion engine was considered revolutionary. But it seems like they’re being replaced at a fast rate with more environment-friendly ones or battery operated ones with zero to minimal emission.

A new wave of climate awareness, pollution reducing and safe for environment products has obliged industries to comply with these demands in any way possible. The electric or battery operated engine was regarded as the ‘White elephants’ of the auto industry. Though they still have not taken the market by the storm due to fuel companies and their setups being threatened to an extent.

However, we are witnessing a transition period where all leading automakers are switching to electric variants while discarding or ‘getting rid’ of the older ones. Chinese manufacturers are another party that has taken the world of automobiles bu a storm. The production has increased twice-fold over the past few years to the point where they’re competing with the European car market.

  1. Sustainable automobiles

In this era of science and technology, on this decades hardest moment of truth has hit us. It’s an endangered climate and pollution. The educated percentage of the masses cannot emphasize enough on how we as a species alone have endangered the environment of our own planet. One of the leading contributors to pollution and downfall are automobiles.

The combustive engine, fuel consumption and requirement to keep them running and the consequences have led us afar. A wave of consumer consciousness has developed lately where consumers invest in environment-friendly and safe products. This is why battery operated vehicles are the next big thing that the world has welcomed with open arms. Like we said earlier, the transition may take time. But the process would speed up if companies invested more and came up with variants catering to all consumers of socio-economical statuses. This is a great way of maintaining profits and to do it with a greater cause as well.

The recycling of old cars and refurbishing vehicles by upgrading them to modern variants is a great economical method employed by many Japanese and Chinese automakers.

  1. Adaptability – gradually it will come

Another expected wave of changes may be expected in the side businesses and industries. These will be affected once the E-mobility shift will have completed the transition. With battery operated cars, fuel industry will have to rethink its survival tactics. Gas stations will need to set up charging stations for these cars.

The software for the car to car communication has already been developed. Self-driving vehicles will run on software and established programs. The use of apps such as Uber and Lyft was the revolutionary impact that we have witnessed ourselves first hand. They virtually replaced the old taxi system. The demand for software developers has already risen and shall continue to do so because of the future self computing cars. Cruise mode itself is a demo of how it may work.

  1. The soul of E-vehicles

The battery engine is the heart and soul of all e-cars, current, and future. Auto industries have been working tirelessly to master the execution and production of more powerful and durable battery cells. It will become a great demand and the production unit that supplies will hold a higher profit rate.

This trend is currently seen as Asian production units are in the lead causing damage to the European industry which is faltering to keep up in this fast-paced economy. If we take a look at the top 30 to 40 leading manufacturers, Japan, China and Korea hold the majority of them.

It may be easier to predict and observe the paradigm shifts of the auto industry but to implement them is another case. Only time will tell how far off in the future will a complete conversion take place.


The Investment of a Bag sealing machine

Everyone has bought products packaged in plastic, either bagged or heat sealed. So much food is presented this way in the supermarket. But how is the food sealed in those bags and kept fresh?

A bag sealing machine is a very helpful addition, or essential, to any production line that involves end products in hermetically sealed bags. It efficiently and methodically seals each product at the end of the preparation line.

Sealing machines may work though heat and crimping, where heat welds the plastic together to seal it, or the sealing may be vacuum sealing, where the product goes into a vacuum chamber and has the air removed and product cells compressed prior to sealing.

There are several types of bag sealer to suit different sizes and types of operations and products, for example Audion Magneta Sealers or a Hulme Martin bag sealer.

The Audion Magenta range comprises of manually operated heat sealing machines for small to medium product ranges, they are proud of their safe and user-friendly range. The machines can be hand or foot operated, according to the needs of production and is suitable for sealing most plastic materials, they can be adjusted for size and sealing times, according to what is being packaged. They are suitable for a range of plastics.

Hulme Martin offer a range of hand or foot operated heat sealers of various sizes to suit different operations, including large sealing machinery. There is quite a variety to suit budget and operation, and with additional technology such as timers, trimmers to remove additional material, and seal width and size adjusters.

Whatever your needs regarding sealing, there is a Bag Sealing Machine for your workforce and production, and the investment is worth the saving in labour and time, and brings increased efficiency and competent finish to plastic packed products.



Advice on How to Manage Your Money Correctly

Taking the time to look after your finances can seem like a dull and daunting job. For many of us, our bank statements may not look the healthiest, and so sometimes ignorance can seem like bliss. This, however, is not the ethos you should be living by.

Rather than keeping yourself in the dark, you need to learn how to manage your money correctly, especially in such an unstable financial climate where house prices are rising worldwide, and job security and opportunity isn’t at its peak. If you were ever to be made redundant, or if you’re hoping to put down a deposit on a house within the next year, you need to learn how to get your finances in order. If you’re unsure of how to do this, consider the following guide.

Learn How to Set Up a Budget

If you’re not living by a budget, then you’ll find you have more money going out than in; this is something you’ll want to avoid. Although paychecks can be tight, with people spending almost half of their monthly wages on rent, putting something aside each month can be beneficial. However, for you to do this, you first need to learn how to budget.

Firstly, calculate your current cost of living. This includes:

  • Household bills (g., electricity, gas, etc.).
  • Travel (g., car costs, commuting, and public transport).
  • Leisure (e.g. gym, sports, vacations, etc.).

Although bills may vary, if you have a rough number to work with, you can calculate how much to put in your savings without impacting your way of life. Put your numbers into a spreadsheet and make sure to stick to it; although you’ll want to give yourself some money to play with, make sure this amount is reasonable. Too small, and you won’t be able to do the things you love; too big, and your savings won’t be worth it in the long run.

Cut Out Any Pointless Spending

Gym membership you never use? An expensive car that’s economically unsound? A house that’s too big for you? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to trim the fat and rectify these issues. There’s no point in paying a monthly sum or a gym membership if you don’t use it, and if your car isn’t worth all the money because your commute is minuscule, then you may want to trade it in for a more reasonable and cost-effective model. There are many ways you can cut down your monthly expenses.

Improve Your Knowledge

The world of finance can be a difficult one to navigate, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. If you want to buy a house, then make sure you understand the housing market and all the fees and options that go with buying a house. When purchasing a home, it’s one of the biggest decisions of your life, and by heading to a reliable resource and reading, for instance, review, you could learn the best methods when it comes to putting down a deposit for a home.

Tell Your Friends and Family

There are many temptations, and sometimes they can become very hard to ignore if it’s friends and family who are the ones doing the tempting. Rather than disappoint them without reason, tell them why you can’t go out two weekends in a row or why you can’t make the group vacation this year. If you fail to give them an explanation, then they can either feel rejected by you or they may not understand how serious you’re being. Furthermore, they can offer your support when things get tough.


The Best Industries to Invest In

Even though individual stocks might seem like worthwhile investments, the truth is that any business could watch their stock plummet after they’re hit with fraud, changes in management, product or service failures, stronger competition, lawsuits, and more. So if you’re searching for a safer type of investment, consider investing in an entire industry instead. Check out a few of our top picks below to get started.


A reduction in the amount of available farmland, combined with the fact that the world population is growing and demand for food is increasing, has caused experts to recommend investing in agriculture, such as citrus investments through brands like Crawford Park Farming AG. To make direct investments into farmland, you could go with permanent crops such as nuts, citrus, fruit, and grapes, or row crops such as grains, vegetables, and corn.


In addition to a growing demand for food, experts also believe that water will become more scarce in the coming years, and that will make it even more valuable than ever. Some experts even believe that wars will eventually be fought over access to clean water. For these reasons, investing in the water industry, which includes the treatment, packaging, and transport of this resource, is a smart choice today if you want to be able to ensure high returns in the future.


Employment in the field of construction went up in 2017, making this industry another good choice if you are thinking about making a wise investment for a more secure financial future. As more people get to work and more construction jobs are filled, this industry will continue to grow, and that means that you could make a high return on your investment.


Energy security is important to every nation, and consumers and businesses use energy every single day. Therefore, investing in the energy sector, could be a secure option. But, in addition to traditional forms of energy, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, the growing renewable energy market is also a wise choice. Solar energy and hydroelectric are proving to be more important than ever as more people make the shift towards clean energy, so investing in this sector today could provide you with great results in the future.


Another great industry to invest in is the healthcare industry, as significant achievements and advancements are continually being made to drive it forward. People are able to live longer now, thanks to high quality medicines, vaccines, and treatments. Plus, with the occurrence of outbreaks, there is always an opportunity for the healthcare industry to grow as it works on finding even more vaccines and cures to keep people around the world healthy. Overall, this is one of the safest industries to invest in because it definitely is not going anywhere.

These are just a few of the many industries that you could invest in if you want to get a great return in the future. So, rather than merely sticking with individual stocks, consider talking to your financial advisor about which industries to invest in today.


Property Investment: How Clients Should Look for Skilled Real Estate Agents

Finding a skilled real estate broker/agent is advisable to enjoy an easy real estate discussion and negotiation. The question is how could you find a skilled real estate broker? Besides, the most appropriate specialist for you doesn’t make the most money, work with an established company, and close the deals. The best agent for you is an individual who knows what kind of market you have, ethically performs their tasks and listens to your concerns.

Here are some tricks to finding the best agents and Majestic Property Investment Plans.

Know If Your Real Estate Agents Are Licensed.

All realtors are authorized to manage a property investment as an agent or broker, but not all real estate agents are realtors. Only Realtors can obtain a specific kind of logo. This logo is from the National Association of Realtors and represents their dedication to comply with the Code of Ethics, a list that contains 17 articles about standards of practice. This builds the levels of conduct that are higher compared to an ordinary business practice.

Gather Referrals.

Numerous real estate agents are still operating because contented clients refer them to all their coworkers, neighbors, relatives, and friends. Ask the people around you who they have used and let them narrate their experiences with this specific specialist. Successful agents make customer satisfaction their main priority and prioritize their client’s demands before their own. Try finding the agent who goes above and beyond their designated tasks. They’ll be the agent who has gained the best comments from other people.

Do an Online Search of Agent Listings.

There are various sites that will refer agents to you but it won’t ensure quality. The specialists they refer are those who have paid the site owners a certain fee to be listed and advertised in their directory. A better bet is to search the top real estate companies in your local area, go to their sites, and look up for profiles of individual brokers at nearby offices. Agents who are skilled will tell you directly their sites but newer brokers may have more time to spend with you. Additionally, it’s advisable to read the customer reviews.

Participate in Open Houses.

By participating in open houses, you can talk with real estate agents in a friendly way. With that being said, gather business cards and jot down their personal information. Now, if you are thinking about selling your property, pay attention to how they present your home. Are their presentations informative and knowledgeable? Are they trying to sell the features of your house? Are they distributing a printed material about the property? Or are they just sitting in the corner reading a book, completely ignoring you?

Pay more attention to the listing signs found in your neighborhood. Take note of the day they go up and when the sign vanishes. Don’t wait for a sold sign since not all agents will post a sold mark. The agent who sells listings within the shortest time might be a good choice for you than an agent with the largest number of “for sale” properties.


Things That Online Brokers Do To Reduce Risks of Investment

Numerous stock brokers help people in their investment opportunities and let the people make more money in a short time. People who are starting share trading with the help of online broking facilities need to know a lot of things about the risks and ways of improving their abilities to handle shares. For this, they need to know the ways in which online broking facility works and the ways taken by brokers to increase chances of profit.

Things Undertaken By Online Brokers

There are lots of calculations and methods undertaken by every online broker. These methods include some modern-day technologies like data analysis and economic outgrowth of the various industrial organizations. These brokers are specialized in handling monetary finds and can detect the risks of any investment from before. That is why they have certain ways in which better profits are developed.

  1. Online brokers are specialized in increasing chances of profits. The first way they take up is through diversification. A diverse approach towards investment can be beneficial because if the person suffers any losses in that particular share trade, he can nullify it with another profit. Thus a proper diversification is helpful in creating a balanced environment for the monetary investments.
  2. The next thing they take up is the statistical analysis of the economic data of that particular company for the past few weeks. A swift flow of previous data can help predict a change in the value of shares. There are numerous shares present for grab in the market, but a great data analysis is extremely necessary to get the most favorable share that can generate higher profits.
  3. Online brokerage has made broker allowance lower with time. This is because the time to time trading facilities has improved over the years. At present hundreds of investments and share, trades are done every hour by a single stockbroker and data of each person is efficiently held by the company. Data loss or theft is nullified because of the high-grade security measures were taken by online trading platform.

These online trading platforms have helped various people get the amount of money they can generate in such short amount of time. Easier facilities have made an effect on the allowance as well. Stockbrokers now have a low brokerage and with those best discount brokers, the facility of share trading is now used by many full-time workers of the different field.

It is easier to develop an account for trading. The software used by the company is passed through safety measures as well so that there are no chances of any issues while making the monetary transaction. Best brokers are present in these online facilities that analyze the data themselves before sending to their clients and only trade with their approval.


With a transparent mode of trade, a new investment opportunity is developed and many people are choosing benefits over risks of share trading. Reduced risks and advice of share experts have been extremely beneficial for helping a person start their journey in this field.


Tips On How To Spend Your Structured Settlement Payout Wisely

When all is said and done and your structured settlement payout is in the bank and secure, it’s time to sit down and make decisions on how exactly to spend it. This is probably one of the more important decisions you will make. You just sold a guaranteed annuity payment that would have ensured a secure source of income for decades – you don’t want to use all the money that you earned from that to go to waste.

For those who are still grappling with the idea, here are a few tips on how you should spend the money:

The first thing you should spend it on is the main reason for why you sold your structured settlement for. People sell their structured settlements for a variety of reasons, however, the main one is usually in the form of a great need. For example, you need to pay for the house or for a medical treatment. This means that you should put down the money on this before you even start buying other things.

Now that you’ve managed to pay for the major emergency or expense, the next step is to take a look at the money and see what you should spend it on. The first one on your list should be investments.

You just sold off your structured settlement, which is a dependable source of income. You need to recoup that loss. This means looking towards other money-making products. The basic options involves stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. You should consult with a financial consultant to see what choices are available for you.

Buying a business or starting one is a good way to spend your money. Franchises are available so that you don’t need to do any heavy lifting. It will take some investment but a good franchise can last you decades and give you as much or even more than your settlement could have given you.

Starting a business is a bit riskier but it can be a lot cheaper. However, a small business won’t rake in the dough as a franchise. Profit is still profit though so you will want that money.

You should also treat yourself to some things. Maybe a small vacation or something that will help put a smile on your face. Small gifts to yourself after a windfall are a good thing. Don’t go overboard though. You want to be able to keep some of that money safe.

Finally, you should also save a bit of that money. As a good rule-of-thumb, you can divide the money you have left after your major payment into three parts: the investments, the treats, and the savings. The largest part should be the savings to ensure that you still have money left for a rainy day.

Your structured settlement payout is a big windfall and you should spend it properly. Hopefully, these tips at should be able to help you make a decision on that. You can also check out
You’ve sold your structured settlement, now what? We give you tips at on how to spend your money wisely.